Cafe ImmiCo, Celebrating the achievements of hidden champions - the Minority ImmiCos

The projects aims to support ImmiCos (Immigrant Company) by:

i) Solving first problems, developing skills, providing PR & marketing exposure, getting industry buddies

ii) Highlighting the achievements of the hidden gems, 

Thus changing the clichés and showcasing the real potential of minority entrepreneurs! 

Café ImmiCo is Free of Charge - Gratis initiative for the migrant entrepreneurs, with the expectation, that they will voluntarily return to the society by; mentoring future cohorts, support future projects, give full commitment of their time for 2 months during the project & be 'Branding Ambassador' for Café ImmiCo.

How does it work

At Café ImmiCo, over an hour long breakfast, migrant entrepreneurs along with their cofounding native partners, mentors, professionals will speak out on operational issues faced. 

Entrepreneurs also have an opportunity to voice their concerns relating to policy governance.

After attending the breakfast the entrepreneurs will do over the next two months, self-organized follow-up sessions with their dedicated consultants.

In next Café ImmiCo, the entrepreneur will do a PPP session – where they will talk about Progress, Plans & Pains.

After two months, the entrepreneurs graduates from the program. 

Please visit us at

Selection Criteria * please refer to Application document

Young Viennese business with a well defined first problem, having one of the founders with migration background!

Benefits for ImmiCos

  • Help migrant entrepreneurs Solve an Issue with Consultant & at same time Implement it using Expert help
  • Develop Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • PR & Marketing exposure
  • Get related industry 'Buddy' as Mentor
  • Have Social Element (Breakfast prepared by a Chef, an ex asylum or refugee, operational support by job seeking professional)
  • Possibility to get Funding from Angel Investor
  • Dialogue with Policy Maker 
  • Recognition of High Potential 'the Hidden Champion'


Please email a selfie video pitch of 30-60 seconds, telling us who you are, what your business is, what issue you want solved and why should you participate. 

Application deadline is two weeks before scheduled Cafe ImmiCo 

(please be aware that video can be used for promotional purposes)