Opportunity for Potential Investors

After our own succesful launch in December 2014, we are in process of opening up this unique opportunity to new partners.

Following are two model, one is based on matching and sharing, the other is based on concept that investor can use IoA loss as tax deductible by owning equity share of IoA.

Model A

Matching of new investments, where proportionate acquisition-, operation cost but also 50% revenues will be shared.

The acquisition and operation cost cover scouting, due diligence, pitch, offer negotiation, contract setup, administer, mentor and control.

The revenues are shared from franchise fees, interest and profit.

Expected investment is €42K per ImmiCo.

This is matched by IoA and is used to cover €50k ImmiCo including setup cost and €33k is contributed to IoA operating cost – for three years.

Depending on ImmiCo valuation a typical €50k investment brings 22,5% equity share of ImmiCo to be shared by Investor and IoA.

Model B

In Model B, as Equity Owner of IoA.

As Limited Partner your liability is upto amount invested. As General Partner, you have unlimited liability, but as risk compensation you have a right to further earn 5% p.a. as liability compensation of the amount invested.

As partnership you can use loss as write-off to your portfolio. And in case of IoA making profit you receive dividends in proportion to your investment.